Stick with what you know

Saturday after watching my weight climb up to 273 lbs I realized that I needed to stop experimenting and go back to what I know works. I’ve tried paleo, whole30, just watching what I eat, and Primal blueprint. Previously I had huge success using Herbalife, counting calories, and exercising so that’s what I’m back to. So far it’s going really well. I’m doing my 1 week weigh in on Saturday. I will update going forward.

On another note….. I’m planning a weekend camping trip “up Nort” for this summer and I am super excited!

Current Stats: 271.4 lbs, reading The Turn, feeling excited, waiting for it to be warmer

-Fate whispers to the warrior 'You cannot withstand the storm.', the warrior whispers back 'I am the storm.'-Fate whispers to the warrior 'You cannot withstand the storm.', the warrior w


Best Shot

I don’t have much to say other than I’m giving it another try¬†tomorrow. I’m going to give it my best shot. Even if it takes me 10 years to successfully complete a Whole30, each try I learn something about myself. I get closer to my goal. Since I will be re-starting again I did weigh myself this morning. I have lost 3.8 pounds since my first attempt. See every try gets me somewhere and one of these times I will get to my goal.

Isn’t that really what this journey is all about?…. working towards a goal? Whether it’s a goal of being more active or a goal weight, we are all working towards something.

Breakfast- 3 eggs and 1 banana

Lunch- Venison back strap and Broccoli

Dinner- Paleo Steak fajitas

Snacks-¬†I can’t even stand to admit what I’ve done



Currently: 263.2 pounds, reading Relentless Spirit, eating a lot of eggs, 16 month old is crazy, Mom life is hard but the best, overall mental status is good, need more exercise, sleep deprived always, anxiously awaiting spring, and loving women’s running mag


This eating plan is no joke. One bite of anything and you restart. Caved and made a poor choice again. I will be restarting for the second time. At least these few days have taught me what my weaknesses are. Chocolate. Which is crazy because I used to HATE chocolate. Also lack of sleep. Being tired provokes my cravings and poor decision making habits. 

Now that I’m aware I should be able to control myself. Make a plan and forge ahead.

Weighing myself in the morning and starting fresh. 

This weekend is going to be especially hard working both days 12 hour shifts. If anyone has quick and easy compliant meal ideas I can bring with me to work please send them my way! 

Whole30 day 4

I messed up. Hot chocolate. 

I’m not “restarting” like recommended though. I’m going to move forward eating according to the plan then will tack 3 days extra on the end. I’ve felt the benefits of eating this way and don’t want to stop. Now that I drank the hot chocolate I feel icky.

No more slip ups. 

Breakfast- 3 fried eggs

Lunch- leftover mexicali skillet over spinach

Supper- crockpot farmer’s market mexican chicken soup (recipe credit)