Do yourself a favor…. a letter to myself

Dear Tamie,

Do yourself a favor. Please stop the mindless eating and meaningless stress in your life. You know you feel much better when you eat healthy, right?! When you take care of your body you feel energized, refreshed, and ready to take on the world! When you treat yourself like you have been by imbibing in chocolate, simple carbs, and soda you feel like a bag of garbage being dragged down the road. I think that this week long migraine you have had would make you see just what you are doing to your body! Yes, I will give you some credit. You have been relentlessly practicing Yoga which absolutely improves your mood and decrease stress but it isn’t enough to have only one area of your life on track. You need to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Be relentless Tamie! Don’t give up! Wasn’t it Love for yourself that got you this far!? Don’t let your 100 pound loss be in vain. Please I beg of you, Love yourself enough to treat yourself right! I hate seeing you this way. I hate that you feel bad. If you love yourself you can conquer the world! don’t lose sight of your goal. Find what motivates you again. Even if it is simply making every single choice based on LOVE.

Don’t get complacent my dear. Just because you feel 1,000 times better than you did 3 years ago doesn’t mean you can’t improve at all. You can always strive to do better, to be your best self. I know you. I am you. What motivated you came to fruition and now you feel like there isn’t more to work for. There are goals that you still want to accomplish. Let the love you feel for yourself motivate you enough to accomplish them. Walk a half marathon, complete a triathlon, and run a 5k in turnout gear. Let LOVE be your strongest motivator. Your effort thus far is not meaningless. You have come this far. Now fly to to the moon!



Whilst writing this it reminded me of a previous blog post that I wrote about loving myself. I went back and read it again after I finished writing. If you are interested in reading it you can find it here.

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Love yourself

I have never watched the biggest loser but a few days ago I decided I would watch it and see if I could pick up some new tips or interesting workouts. I didn’t see any interesting workouts because they mostly did standard gym workouts (ropes, elliptical, treadmill, etc.) What did happen though is that I fell in “love” with one of the trainers, Jennifer Widerstrom. She said something on the show that gave me an AHA! moment.  “There’s two places that we’re motivated to make decisions from: fear, or love.  If you operate from a place of fear you will fail. And if you operate from a place of “I’ll try”…you can do it.” Jennifer Widerstrom.

This is why I was never successful before. I always tried to lose weight because I was afraid. Afraid of myself, of others judging me, of my future, or everything! Then the day I decided again that I was going to make myself healthy I was doing it from a place of love. I loved myself on the inside and wanted to love my physical self as much as I loved my soul. Now everything I do is because of this. I’m willing to try most everything and I am no longer afraid to do active things (to some extent, there are certain things I need to be more fit to do). In fact I love doing active things now and if people judge me so what? I’m doing this for me and nobody else. This is why I WILL be Successful!