Do yourself a favor…. a letter to myself

Dear Tamie,

Do yourself a favor. Please stop the mindless eating and meaningless stress in your life. You know you feel much better when you eat healthy, right?! When you take care of your body you feel energized, refreshed, and ready to take on the world! When you treat yourself like you have been by imbibing in chocolate, simple carbs, and soda you feel like a bag of garbage being dragged down the road. I think that this week long migraine you have had would make you see just what you are doing to your body! Yes, I will give you some credit. You have been relentlessly practicing Yoga which absolutely improves your mood and decrease stress but it isn’t enough to have only one area of your life on track. You need to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Be relentless Tamie! Don’t give up! Wasn’t it Love for yourself that got you this far!? Don’t let your 100 pound loss be in vain. Please I beg of you, Love yourself enough to treat yourself right! I hate seeing you this way. I hate that you feel bad. If you love yourself you can conquer the world! don’t lose sight of your goal. Find what motivates you again. Even if it is simply making every single choice based on LOVE.

Don’t get complacent my dear. Just because you feel 1,000 times better than you did 3 years ago doesn’t mean you can’t improve at all. You can always strive to do better, to be your best self. I know you. I am you. What motivated you came to fruition and now you feel like there isn’t more to work for. There are goals that you still want to accomplish. Let the love you feel for yourself motivate you enough to accomplish them. Walk a half marathon, complete a triathlon, and run a 5k in turnout gear. Let LOVE be your strongest motivator. Your effort thus far is not meaningless. You have come this far. Now fly to to the moon!



Whilst writing this it reminded me of a previous blog post that I wrote about loving myself. I went back and read it again after I finished writing. If you are interested in reading it you can find it here.

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Vivid and bright

Today I read something that really struck a cord with me. I’m currently reading”Strong looks better naked” by Khloe Kardashian. In her chapter about making the best of everything Khloe shares her Mantra “The soul becomes dyed with the color of our thoughts and I want to paint my soul in vivid and bright colors”.  I love this! I want my soul to be bright and vivid! If every choice I make is with positive thoughts and every action is out of love won’t that nurture my soul? If I do things that make me and everyone around myself happy will it not help my soul be bright and vivid? In a way I have been making small steps towards living this mantra without even knowing it!

I could feel my soul getting black and ugly. I was lashing out at people I care about. The weight of my responsibilities and obligations was getting to be too  much for me. I was not carving out time in this life to take care of myself. After being particularly nasty to my husband one day I realized that I needed to make a change. I started doing yoga. I don’t go to a studio or have an instructor. I simply watch YouTube videos at home. Performing this small act and taking some time for myself has done an incredible amount to lift my spirits. I feel alive and grounded. I don’t feel like a “firecracker with a short fuse” like I have been called in the past. I can’t speak for my husband but I don’t feel like I am releasing all of my stresses out on him anymore either.

I’m hoping my Yoga practice will hold me over until the weather warms and I can start my training outdoors. Once outside training starts I want to keep up my practice. I feel most connected to myself when doing Yoga. Maybe I will even graduate to leaving my home and doing Yoga in a studio someday! We will see….. I tend to be a little flighty like a bird. Bouncing from idea to idea.

“You cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside” -Wayne Dyer


The soul becomes dyed with the color of our thoughts (3)


Current Stats: Reading 100 quiet moments, weight 266, trying to eat mostly paleo, doing yoga everyday, missing my boys, working too much.

Be present

Take a minute to think back….. How many times have you missed something because you weren’t present? Do you think this leaves you feeling disconnected in your life?

One promise I made to myself was to do personal development every day. Through this I have really taken some time to evaluate myself. Things have been bad for me lately. I have lost my motivation and drive, I kept wondering why this is. Part of it is that I haven’t really been present. Like really present in everything that I do. I’m really good at multi-tasking for my job and it carries through in my day-to-day living. I will find myself listening to stories people are telling me all the while looking at my phone and responding to messages. Playing with my son but watching TV also. Taking a walk and checking Facebook. How much life am I missing out on by doing this? Am I missing details and not cementing memories in my mind?

I decided to look into this further. Stanford University did a study concerning chronic media multitasking, working memory, and long-term memory. Reading the findings that were published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website confirms what I thought. People who frequently multi-task while using media have a wider scope for their attention but it allows for information that is not related to their “main” focus to crowd in (Uncapher, M, & Wagner, 2016). This causes working memory to suffer which leads to low long term memory (Uncapher, M, & Wagner, 2016).

Take a minute to think back….. How many times have you missed something because you weren’t present? Do you think this leaves you feeling disconnected in your life?

For me personally I think it leaves me feeling disconnected. Which leads to this awful meh, blah, depressed feeling.

We need to make a change in this world and the only way we can do this is by making a change within ourselves.

I have started to release useless possessions in an attempt to simplify my life. The minute I started releasing things I felt something release inside me. I felt lighter, more free. I’m making plans to beautify my surroundings so that I have a tranquil safe place (my home). Now I will focus on being present in all that I do.

This will require practice. For so long I have lived in this media driven haze that it will not be easy to break these habits.


Stop thinking about what I have to do next, stop thinking about what has happened, focus on all five senses, concentrate on what I am doing, and breathe deep.


‘Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.’ ~Thich Nhat Hahn



Uncapher, M., M, K. T., & Wagner, A. (2016, April 23). Result Filters. Retrieved October 09, 2016, from



It’s Monday so today’s post is going to focus on two key words. Motivation and More. Both these things are weighing on my mind lately.

Motivation first. The last few months I have lacked so much motivation. I did so well to begin with that when my weight stopped coming off as fast, I got discouraged and was lackadaisical about my health even though I said I was trying, I really wasn’t. I have a week left before school starts back up, the holidays are over, and my gumption is back! I have worked out every day for 6 days. I feel like I am kicking butt (fingers crossed that the scale reflects that). My diet has been great too! Now to keep this up once school starts again. The key is to find non scale victories to keep me motivated. I’m training for the warrior dash and although I’m not as strong as someday I will be I feel stronger than I ever have before. I am getting such a fulfilling feeling from the work outs that I have done. It is amazing! My go to song at the gym now is….

I have no idea why but the song feels so uplifting to me. I feel like I can do absolutely anything I put my mind too.

Do any of you have anything Motivational to share? I worked out last night and was able to do 7 crunches on the Captain’s chair!

Now for the “More” part of this Monday. Lately I feel like I just need something more. I can’t quite place my finger on what it is exactly that I need. Maybe its many things that I need more of. I need More physical activity. Being cooped up in a room with no windows and sitting at a computer all day is wearing on me.

I need to get the things I love and the people I love to mesh more together. This new way of life isn’t a fad for me. I LOVE the way I feel. Healthy living is my life now and I want everything in my world focused around that.

I think basically for the first time in my life I expect more from my life. I believe that I can do great things and I want MORE. More adventure, excitement, warmth, joy, and life experiences.