Stick with what you know

Saturday after watching my weight climb up to 273 lbs I realized that I needed to stop experimenting and go back to what I know works. I’ve tried paleo, whole30, just watching what I eat, and Primal blueprint. Previously I had huge success using Herbalife, counting calories, and exercising so that’s what I’m back to. So far it’s going really well. I’m doing my 1 week weigh in on Saturday. I will update going forward.

On another note….. I’m planning a weekend camping trip “up Nort” for this summer and I am super excited!

Current Stats: 271.4 lbs, reading The Turn, feeling excited, waiting for it to be warmer

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New Year

Happy New Year! So it’s that time. The time to proclaim to the whole world my Resolutions for 2017 and then abandon them in a few weeks. I’m determined not to do that. So no extravagant resolutions coming from me. No long list of resolutions either. I actually started my resolutions a week ago and will be continuing them through the year.

My resolutions for the year are rather simple:

Be mindful of portions

Consciously make healthy choices


Focus on moving more.


That’s all folks.



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