1. A standard by which something can be measured or judged:

I ran my first race of the season. I almost quit because of someone’s actions. I have never had this feeling while running a race before. Normally I get smiles, waves, and encouragement. This time 2 people almost ruined for me something I love so much.

Let me give you the low down but first a disclaimer: I was in no way planning on winning this race. Anyway I was using my C25K app to run/walk my way through the 5k because let me be honest I am nowhere near ready to actually run a whole 5k. The race started out well. I was feeling really good. Then I noticed what was happening. I was being used as a benchmark. Which is okay. I get it. I’ve done it myself. I follow someone and know that I am doing well if I can keep pace with them. These 2 were not discrete at all and what was most concerning was that it was an older woman and a tween. They would be walking behind me while I was running.  Then when I would get to my walk portion they would run just past me, turn around, look at me, jab their elbows at each other, then smile and/or laugh. What kind of example is being set for the young girl with this woman?!!?

When I noticed this I almost started crying, turned around, and headed back to the start. I felt so defeated. I was being used as a benchmarker! These people were saying to themselves “As long as we can stay ahead of HER we are doing alright”. Let me tell you this made me feel like all the work I’ve done to be healthy was worthless. If people were still looking at me as somebody easily beaten what had I really accomplished? This is where my Mantra comes into the story. I am the storm! I started repeating this over and over. Something in my mind shifted. I was going to make this hard for them. I AM stronger than them. I AM stronger than I give myself credit for. Nothing can stop me. C25K be damned! I took off! I ran until I felt like my lead was big enough that I wouldn’t have to experience their mockery anymore! Then I ran a little more each time the app told me to stop running and start walking.  Needless to say I eventually lost sight of them and honestly don’t know where they finished in relation to me.

Please people if you are participating in a race don’t do this. A benchmark is okay. Looking back constantly and making someone feel inferior is not!

Needless to say I hit a PR. Best 5k time to date at 46:16. Only 20 seconds faster than my previous PR but I am only 2 weeks into C25K and did not run all winter. Based on this my time should improve greatly over the summer.

I just want to share how far I have come. Mostly because just like seeing things in photos makes it more real, Seeing things in writing also does.

5k Times

58:25 9/2014

51:02 10/2014

50:29 7/2016

46:36 8/2016

The first timed event I ever participated in was a 1 mile run. I don’t even know what my time was. I was so discouraged.

Today I finished 89 out of 113. This may not seem great but to me this is amazing! Thank you for helping me realize my potential mocking people! I really appreciate it!

BeFunky Collage

The time in this photo is not accurate. I didn’t stop my timer right away. I was chip timed so 46:16 was the official time.

It was a great event otherwise and I even won a gift card from the course (not for winning).

  1. If you want to know more about this great event let me know!

Back to Basics

It’s been awhile, huh? Life has been a little crazy. I got focused on things that I really don’t think are that important. I lost sight of my journey and my passion. I let others lead me in a direction that takes me away from the root of my passion…. helping others achieve great results like I have gotten and continuing my own journey. I got so busy with things that don’t matter I didn’t have time for anything else.

I love helping other’s shed weight and get healthy. Which is why I plan on pursing Personal trainer certification. I have also started doing Fit camps on Tuesday nights which are free workouts for all fitness levels. My first one was successful. I kicked my own butt and man I am paying for it today! Can’t wait to see more people come so we can create a community of support for each other.

This summer I ran two 5k’s and since the last one I haven’t gotten back out running. This feels awful for me because I really have fallen in love with running. I know it isn’t for everyone but it really is for me. My own journey has taken a back seat but no longer.

Moral of the story I’m getting back to the basics. Doing what I love. Part of that includes recording my journey. You will be seeing more posts from me and frankly I am really sad that I didn’t write this summer. I did so much and had so much to say about it. With no outlet for those musings, or so I thought. Here I go again….


Proverbs 4:25

Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.


This weekend I walked/Ran the Plainfield Fire/Rescue Halloween 5k Run/Walk. It was so fun! I dressed up as a black cat for this race. My step kids dressed up and ran the half mile kids fun run and they LOVED it! They truly did a great job organizing this event. It has inspired me to want to organize something similar. Anyway on to what my post is about I PR’ed in this Race! In my last 5k my total time was 58:25 with my fastest mile being 18:34. This 5k my total time was 50:41 and my fastest mile was 16:10!! Crazy I know! I am seriously proud of myself. I could have done better I think, but I couldn’t breathe. I did this with a great group of women who seriously inspire me everyday. I never thought I would be able to do something like this but they all make me believe that I can do anything I put my mind to. I can’t wait to push myself and get some more PR’s!


Waiting at the starting line:


Pre and Post race photos put together (Thanks Sara Kirwan for the photos!)Fotor0102017070

After the race Megan (my stepdaughter) and I went for a 2 mile bike ride. I am still sore from this weekend. Tonight I am going home to do a stretching, Pilates, Yoga workout blend to help me stretch my muscles out. Then tomorrow morning bright and early its Yoga time! Can’t wait for my muscles to get feeling better.

Completed my first 5K and feeling good

The last few days have been great and honestly nothing spectacular has happened. Friday I had my health assessment for work and my BMI is lower than it’s ever been in the last 6 years and so is my weight! Hearing these things just solidified that I am on the right path and what I am doing really is working.

Then last night I participated in my first 5k, the midnight fun run/walk in Wautoma, WI. It was so much fun! I did way better than I thought I would. I figured it would take me about an hour and a half to complete and I finished it in 58:25! I walked my fastest mile to date at 18:34! In october I’m going to walk the Plainfield Fire/Rescue Halloween 5K run/walk. I am so excited! I see many more 5K’s in my future.

I really feel amazing these last couple days so I decided that I would do a before and after picture of myself even though I’m only down 38 lbs. I can finally see a difference! It’s not amazing but it’s there. I am so happy with myself. Even though the progress I’ve made has taken a ton of motivation and been hard as heck I know I can keep going!

PicMonkey Collage2