It takes a lot of energy to be angry.

I wonder if people consider how much effort they put into being angry each day. Imagine what could be accomplished if that energy was focused elsewhere. Making a difference, effecting change, making someone smile, making yourself smile, champion a cause you believe in, actually taking steps to accomplish these things rather than just being angry and mean all the time.

Could you imagine a world where regardless of differences, we all thought about others? I just don’t know how people have the energy to be angry all the time. This momma barely has the energy to make her own breakfast in the morning.

I’ve been surrounded by some seriously bad mojo lately and truly just wish that people would smile.

Unhappy with your situation? Change your attitude.

Unhappy with the current state of affairs? Make POSITIVE changes in your life.

Smile people. Be happy. I don’t think being angry burns enough calories to make your mental suffering ¬†worthwhile.

On another note…. if you just don’t like somebody. Get over it. Making their life miserable only makes you look like a bad person and you are sending some seriously bad energy into the universe.




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