Chocolate covered strawberries

I seriously have a chocolate weakness. Which is absolutely insane because before my pregnancy with the baby Goobs I hated chocolate! During my pregnancy I couldn’t get enough chocolate and haven’t been able to shake it since. I mean he’s 16 months old! How much longer must I deal with these cravings?! Today my downfall was chocolate covered strawberries. The rest of my eating through the day was on point but those strawberries were my downfall. They were amazing though! After my shift I then screwed up even more. It spiraled me out of control. I have an addiction to food and just like any other form of addiction you can’t have just one of something. I admit and recognize the problem all I can do now is move forward. Try to get this problem under control. Tomorrow is a new day and I have prepped and set myself up for success.

Current status: 261.3 lbs, loving my stand up work station, working alot, so excited for the baby goobs swimming lessons to start, happy that tomorrow is a new day, missing my family


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