Whole30 Day 3

Day 3 is more of the same.

Breakfast- Veggie egg casserole

Lunch- Mexicali venison Skillet with Avocado

Dinner- Crockpot Venison Tenderloin with apples and onions. Served with Green beans

Snack- Raspberries and Cashews

If you have read my previous posts you can see that I’m eating a lot of leftovers. I evaluated my life before I started Whole30 to see what I could do to ensure I was successful. Since I am a mom to a toddler and work a full time job (12 hour shifts) I knew that I would not be able to make fancy meals everyday. I needed to keep this SIMPLE. For the last several months I have planned Bi-weekly menus to avoid extra trips to the grocery store. This saves me time and money. When planning my menu for Whole30 I tried to plan just like I was previously. My meals would need to be simple, easy, and fast. Add in that it needed to be compliant and provide leftovers for several meals. Left overs guarantee that I always have food and won’t be caught off guard by not knowing what I will have for lunch that day. I also made sure to get extra fruits and veggies when I shopped just in case one of the meals I planned didn’t materialize.

I’ve managed to not be overwhelmed because of all my planning. I have heard that can be a possibility when doing a Whole30. So I am on day 3 which isn’t very far in but I figure sharing anything I learn can’t hurt.

via Daily Prompt: Overwhelming


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