Whole 30 Day 1… Take 2


Yesterday (1/30/17) I attempted to start my Whole 30. I did well but had an unintentional slip. I had Chia seed pudding that a friend made for me and I didn’t realize it had maple syrup in it. Even after the realization I did really good until I was done  with work and ate 2 PB cups because I was frustrates. I figured what the hey I already have to start over anyway. That’s a poor attitude to have, I need to work on that.

Overall I felt great until about 6pm then I had a really bad headache. Some tea and Ibuprofen made it go away. Thankfully.

Last night Seeley kept me up most of the night. I got 2 hours and 57 min of sleep. I threw away my take 2 at day 1 today because I was so exhausted from no sleep and needed a Cola.

Tomorrow will be my official take 2 at day 1.


Whole30 Day 1 Take 2….

I Successfully completed Day 1!!!

Breakfast- Veggie egg casserole (premade from the beginning of the week)

Lunch- Subway double chicken chopped salad. No cheese. Homemade dressing

Red Wine Vinaigrette

1/2 C. red wine vinegar

1/2 C. Olive Oil

1 Tablespoon Dijon Mustard

salt and pepper

Dinner- Venison Mexicali Skillet

I did snack even though it isn’t advised. My snack was an apple with almond butter and 2 hard boiled eggs.

You may be wondering how I felt. Overall pretty good. Towards the end of the day I did have a slight headache. I drank unsweetened tea and that helped.

Beginning weight: 267



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