How Do You Want to be Remembered

How are we defined? Our roles? Our traits? How do YOU want to be remembered?


First let me say that I have discovered the joy of podcasts. Yesterday was really windy and rainy so my running plan fell to the wayside. I baked and cleaned instead. While I was working around the house I was listening to podcasts ( score for getting personal development completed). Let me just say I found a real gem! During one of the episodes someone posed the question…. “How do you want to be remembered”. I really started thinking about this.

How DO I want to be remembered??

People will remember me as a wife, mother, daughter, friend, employee, etc. But do I really want people to only think about my roles? No. Of course I love those roles and am proud of them but there is more to me. My roles are not the only thing that define me.

I want to be remembered…..

…as someone who was kind, loving, and inspiring. Someone who tried new things and worked towards her goals. A woman who was strong in her faith. Who helped others. A woman who always strived to learn and grow.

ThoseĀ are the things I want to be remembered for.

Not my roles. Not my worldly possessions. But by my character traits. I want to be remembered as a good person.



3 thoughts on “How Do You Want to be Remembered

  1. For sure!! My kids had their parent teacher conferences tonight although I was very proud that they aren’t great at math, I was more proud at what the teacher said about their character. Especially as a parent sometimes you wonder if you’re doing a good job and that made me feel I am.


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