Dark Clouds

Strong walls shake but never collapse


Lost. Confused. Stagnant. Melancholy. Dark. Troubled. Frustrated.Struggling. Hopeful. Scared. Behind. Failing. Flailing. Falling.

And that is me…..

Let’s get real, even though I try to share only sunshine and roses me, there is a ravens and dark clouds me.

Life is hard. Really hard, especially lately. I can’t get back on track. I can’t move forward with anything. I’m facing a warped wall in all areas of my life. Trying to get up but just falling back down. I have this vision and nothing I do gets me closer. This vision also has blank spaces. Blank spaces that I don’t know how to fill. Which direction to go.

Maybe it’s the time of year. The fall is always hard. Too many losses, Sadness, and heartache. Maybe it’s the changing of the seasons and more darkness. I don’t know.

All I know is that I need some sunshine and roses.




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