Operation Simple Life: Post 1

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. Life is really complicated. I yearn to lead a simpler life. Simple equals less stress and more time. A simple life not driven by material possessions will also free up money. Less possessions means we could potentially move into a smaller home and save on utilities. I could  save up  money to buy our dream home/ property. Also my theory is that if my life is simple and stress free I will be more successful continuing on my weight loss Journey. I seriously could go on about all the benefits a simple life would provide. So I’m taking steps to make it happen.

The first step is to make my home a peaceful, beautiful, clutter free area that I can find sanctuary in. On my days off I will take 1 room a day and sort everything. Keep, Junk, Donate, Sell. If I haven’t used and item or it doesn’t bring me joy it will be sorted out. I’m also going to create “dropping stations” in each room. At my “dropping stations” I will keep things that don’t really have a place but need a place. For me these items are mail, diaper bag, business bag, purse, etc. I’m actually really excited about this project! It feels like I have some direction and a weight will be lifted off my shoulders! Less stuff means less cleaning! So excited!

Room 1: The laundry Room……


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