Cairn Box

cairnFor months I’ve been interested in getting a “box”. I’m sure at some point in time you have heard of them. There is everything from Runner’s crate to Bark Box. I’ve really looked into them and tried to find the one I would get the most use out of because it fit my lifestyle best. I also wanted one that was affordable and wouldn’t take very much out of my monthly budget. I came across Cairn adventure box and decided to treat myself for my birthday. Cairn is 25$ a month and geared towards a person that loves fitness, the outdoors, and adventure. The best thing about this box is that you can customize your favorite activities. My top activities were Stand up paddle board, Running, hiking, hunting/archery, and snow shoeing.

In the box was a Daily Tube, Pocket Bellows, 12″ Better Band, Lip Balm, and a Blueberry Phivebar.  The pocket bellows is a ancient fire starter meant to get fire burning quicker. The better band is a fancy bungee cord which I have plans for with my paddle board. All good lips is the chap-stick that came in the box. It’s oxybenzone and gluten free. It is comprised of a bunch of organic essential oils. The smell of it is very natural I would say Lemon and Lavender shine through. I will be using this as my go to chap-stick through the winter (if I don’t lose it of course). I haven’t tried the PhiveBar yet but it looks like the ingredients are all organic. The daily tube  has a beautiful nature scene on it and is head gear that can be used for your face, neck and, head. It’s hard to see it in my box so here is a better picture of it. The value of these products are $46.50.


Overall I am really pleased with this box. It seems like a great deal. Not too expensive and the products add up to more than I paid. I’m going to get next months box too and see if I get more goodies I like. If I love those too I may continue my subscription. If you think you may want to try this  you can Get your Cairn box here:


**I’m in no way associated with Cairn. Being paid to review their products. Nor am I receiving the products free or a discount on them. Merely have a passion for adventure, fitness, the outdoors, and want to share what I discover with you.


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