I’m back…..

So…. I had a bit of a Hiatus. I found out I was pregnant in February 2015 and not long after I started feeling very sick and I remained sick most of my pregnancy. Baby would only let me eat unhealthy foods. I craved Mac N cheese, frozen hot chocolates from dairy queen, pumpkin bars, and other baked goods. I didn’t feel very healthy anymore and well this is a blog about my health so I just stopped writing. Good news is I was blessed with the most amazing little boy ever!

So here are the Stats; I was 290 pounds when I got pregnant. I was 318 the day I delivered. I now weigh 268 three months after his birth. Since June 2014 I have lost a total of 92 pounds.

Being a Mom has changed my whole world more than I ever imagined it would. For some reason I thought that life would continue just like before only I would have this little being in tow. In some cases that is true but it simply adds way more steps to the activity. For example I took him snowshoeing with me last weekend. I had to time it just perfect so it was between feedings and right before a nap. Once he was at that perfect point it was a mad scramble to get everything I had already packed into the car and him loaded in his seat and ready to go. I got to the trail and it took another 30 minutes for me to get the carrier on, get him in his snowsuit, and put him in the carrier. I did this all while wearing my snow shoes and trying not to fall on my face! The prep was exhausting but very worth it even though we didn’t even walk a whole mile! I never thought that everything I do would revolve around another person instead of myself. But I also never thought that I could love someone so much either!

wp-1453930178996.jpg(Seeley and I snow shoeing)

The tone of this blog may change a bit now that I am a MOM (I never thought I would have that title). I will most likely end up writing about how I make my healthy lifestyle work while working full-time, being a wife, and a Mom, because it really isn’t easy! Here’s to a new me and my adventure sidekick, Seeley!






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