Flavors, rest days, and the future

I just finished reading the memoir “It was me all along” By Andie Mitchell. It was a wonderful book. Reading about someone who has already experienced some of the things that I am was eye-opening. One of the things that the author wrote about was making food special and taking the time to really enjoy what you are eating. This has really stuck with me. I have realized that in the rush of life the speed in which I eat is crazy. I rush my meals at work because we are busy, at home I rush so that I can get back to what I was doing, and on school days I rush because I’m on the road. I want to start taking time to savor my meals, to really taste the flavors, and appreciate the food I make. This will give my body time to “fill” up. I don’t want to only see food as fuel for my body but I want to really experience my food. Time to slow down and love the food I choose.

On another note, finally after 10 days in a row of exercise took 2 rest days. I miss my physical activity and can’t wait until I can work out tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be leading some women in a workout. I’m so excited! This is what I want to do with my life (and being an RN)! I feel like things are lining up and falling in place. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me!


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