So today I started wondering if my plateau has anything to do with my CPAP. When I really started focusing on my health I was wearing my mask every night. Then my insurance company said they weren’t going to pay for the machine so I thought “why should I wear something I hate if my insurance company won’t pay for it anyway? ” So I stopped wearing it. Since then it seems like it’s been an immense struggle to lose any weight. Now I’m not saying I do everything perfect, far from it in fact, but I did way worse and the pounds were melting off during the summer. Is this plateau because my body is more fit and I need to amp up my workouts, am I missing something I’m my diet, or could it be because I quit wearing my CPAP?  I don’t really know but starting tonight I am going to be dedicated to wearing it again and see if it makes a difference. Anyone out there had any similar experiences?


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