It’s Monday so today’s post is going to focus on two key words. Motivation and More. Both these things are weighing on my mind lately.

Motivation first. The last few months I have lacked so much motivation. I did so well to begin with that when my weight stopped coming off as fast, I got discouraged and was lackadaisical about my health even though I said I was trying, I really wasn’t. I have a week left before school starts back up, the holidays are over, and my gumption is back! I have worked out every day for 6 days. I feel like I am kicking butt (fingers crossed that the scale reflects that). My diet has been great too! Now to keep this up once school starts again. The key is to find non scale victories to keep me motivated. I’m training for the warrior dash and although I’m not as strong as someday I will be I feel stronger than I ever have before. I am getting such a fulfilling feeling from the work outs that I have done. It is amazing! My go to song at the gym now is….

I have no idea why but the song feels so uplifting to me. I feel like I can do absolutely anything I put my mind too.

Do any of you have anything Motivational to share? I worked out last night and was able to do 7 crunches on the Captain’s chair!

Now for the “More” part of this Monday. Lately I feel like I just need something more. I can’t quite place my finger on what it is exactly that I need. Maybe its many things that I need more of. I need More physical activity. Being cooped up in a room with no windows and sitting at a computer all day is wearing on me.

I need to get the things I love and the people I love to mesh more together. This new way of life isn’t a fad for me. I LOVE the way I feel. Healthy living is my life now and I want everything in my world focused around that.

I think basically for the first time in my life I expect more from my life. I believe that I can do great things and I want MORE. More adventure, excitement, warmth, joy, and life experiences.


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