I always sabotage myself. I will be doing so good exercising, eating well, feeling wonderful and then suddenly I get this insatiable hunger. I don’t know if subconsciously my body doesn’t want me to meet my goals or what. I have noticed though that when I exercise the hunger is barely noticeable. I’m at a loss on how to remedy this other than either quitting work or school. This semester leaves me no time during the week. I know it will be better next semester but is sacrificing my health worth gaining knowledge? I’m at a road block and I’m not sure how to bust through it. According to the scale this morning I would have hit my goal of 60 lost by Friday but I got home and that hunger was there and I binged. Binge eating has been something I have always struggled with and I wish I could just get past it. Exercise helps but once again no time. Hopefully I can overcome tonight’s hurdle and just do better the rest off the week.

On another note remember that exercise helps curb hunger and you feel better too. Just a helpful weight loss tip.


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