Work in Progress

I have worked on this new healthy lifestyle since June and I have had ups and downs, disappointments and achievements but today I have realized even though I’m having a hard time hitting my short-term goal it doesn’t matter. I am a work in progress and I will get there someday. My achievements are so much greater than hitting a number on the scale. I can walk/run a mile in 16:10 and it used to take me 20 minutes. I have completed two 5k’s. My activity level has increased by leaps and bounds. I exercise at work just so I’m not sitting ALL day ( I even try to convince other coworkers to join me).  I can sit against a wall and put a leg against my chest. I try activities like Yoga that I never would have tried before. I feel more confident. I am in the process of quitting smoking. I automatically make healthy choices, sometimes I cheat but don’t we all. I know what path I want to take where my life and career are concerned. I could go on forever but my point is that I feel better and that’s all that matters. The weight loss will come with time. I will have days where I get disappointed that it’s not coming off fast enough but today, today I am ok with a slower rate of weight loss. As of today I am down 53lbs total and I am not even sure how many inches I have lost.

I am a work in progress and I LOVE the progress I have made!

work in progress2


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