This weekend I walked/Ran the Plainfield Fire/Rescue Halloween 5k Run/Walk. It was so fun! I dressed up as a black cat for this race. My step kids dressed up and ran the half mile kids fun run and they LOVED it! They truly did a great job organizing this event. It has inspired me to want to organize something similar. Anyway on to what my post is about I PR’ed in this Race! In my last 5k my total time was 58:25 with my fastest mile being 18:34. This 5k my total time was 50:41 and my fastest mile was 16:10!! Crazy I know! I am seriously proud of myself. I could have done better I think, but I couldn’t breathe. I did this with a great group of women who seriously inspire me everyday. I never thought I would be able to do something like this but they all make me believe that I can do anything I put my mind to. I can’t wait to push myself and get some more PR’s!


Waiting at the starting line:


Pre and Post race photos put together (Thanks Sara Kirwan for the photos!)Fotor0102017070

After the race Megan (my stepdaughter) and I went for a 2 mile bike ride. I am still sore from this weekend. Tonight I am going home to do a stretching, Pilates, Yoga workout blend to help me stretch my muscles out. Then tomorrow morning bright and early its Yoga time! Can’t wait for my muscles to get feeling better.


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