This week I set a goal for myself of losing 9 pounds. Now trust me I know that’s a stretch and 5 or 2 is a much more attainable number but 2 weeks ago I lost 8 and I was hoping I could lose a bunch again. If I lost 9 pounds I could be under 300 for the first time since I was 18. I’m thinking I’m not hitting that goal this week.

I have worked out like crazy and as much as I possibly can. Probably more than I have been able to since Classes started for me again but my stomach seems to want to eat everything in sight! Pumpkin muffins, pizza, French fries…..everything! I can’t say no because I am seriously hungry ALL the time. Not just the “I think I am hungry kind of hungry” but HUNGRY. My stomach is growling so bad it hurts even though I shouldn’t be hungry at all.

I seriously feel like my stomach is Audrey II and saying “FEED ME…..SEYMOUR”

Cue Picture…..


Bad seed … Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors (1986). Photograph:


And now I am super stressed out about my weigh in on Friday. I’m so close to my goal of under 300 I just want to hit it! Reaching that goal will just confirm that I am on the right track and once I hit it I know I won’t back track.

“Sigh”…..wish me luck people. I may have one more chance for a workout before Friday morning.


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