Get Moving

Today it occurred to me that although I am active on my days off of work I am not very active while I am working. This desk job has me sitting for 9 hours a day. I have suggested a desk that raises so that I can stand sometimes and that was shot down. My solution is that every hour I will get up and move around for 5 minutes. I may do stretches, jog in place, some body weight exercises, walk laps around the ER, etc. If I am able to do this I will be adding 45 minutes of activity to my days.

I’ve just been feeling so blah lately. The weather is changing and I’m super busy. I can only work out on the weekends which leaves me feeling cranky. In theory this increase in activity should help how I’m feeling emotionally and physically. I planned on starting this today but of course I was too busy to do it. Friday….. No excuses.

On another note I get to try my first yoga class tomorrow at Core Quest Yoga and Spa in Wautoma, WI. I’m so crazy excited! I will let you all know how it goes. I’m trying new things and this is just the start!


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