People have asked me a lot “How are you doing it?” First of all there is no Secret! I used to search and search to find the secret to weight loss and as the pounds have come off I have realized that it is directly proportionate to the effort that I put into it.

Answering these two questions will tell me how I am doing: Am I exercising enough? Am I eating healthy?

The better I eat and the more I work out; the more weight I lose. So everybody looking to get healthy or lose weight there is your answer.

Now as far as exercise habits I try really hard to exercise for 45 minutes at least 3 times a week. Usually a 3.5 mile walk is the form of exercise I choose. Other times when I can make my exercise class it’s a core strengthening class. Now that college classes started for me again this is getting pretty hard to do but I try my hardest. I really need to fit in some exercising this weekend.

I also try my hardest to eat clean. Lots of fruits vegetable, grains, dairy, and lean protein. I avoid the inside aisles of the grocery store. I try to avoid heavily processed food (I’m not perfect, that doesn’t always happen). I count my calories and try to reach a specific protein goal for myself. Yes I do use a product. I use Herbalife which is an amazing product that I love! Helps me reach my protein goals and eat breakfast (which I suck at). The Herbalife tea helped me quit drinking soda. Just an all around asset on my journey. I am going to tell you though that if you are thinking of using any product from any company make sure you are truly committed to leading a healthy lifestyle. Nothing is magical, you are going to have to work, and it’s going to be HARD work. Any product is just a tool to help you achieve your goals. The reason I’m saying this is because I have had people ask me if this is the “reason” I have lost weight and the answer is yes but it’s one of MANY reasons that I have been successful.

Soooo….. The secret to losing weight is working hard, eating healthy, and using any tools that are available that will help you with that!


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