Emotional eating

I never realized it before but I am an emotional eater. I used to think when I heard the term that no way, that’s not me. Until last night that is. Yesterday was an awful day. Lots of arguments with lots of people I care about. I was seriously getting it from all sides. On top of that I am just plain and simply STRESSED! I’m working, going to school, helping my grandma, helping my mom, and still needing to keep up with my cleaning and such at home. I kept within my calories all day yesterday and then when I got home BOOM, all of that was out the window and I probably went over my calorie allowance by 500+. Now other than magically de-stressing I’m not really sure how to “fix” this. I think I’m just going to watch myself and when I feel like this might happen again remind myself why it can’t and maybe go for a short walk.

So add emotional eater to my other list of food related problems that I have. Oy Vey…. this is going to be a very long journey to being healthy.


One thought on “Emotional eating

  1. Oh Tamie, I can relate sooo much. I never thought I was either until I really thought about it. After bad days at work all I wanted to do was go through a drive through and get a cheese burger and french fries. Or if I was really upset about something it was either hamburger/french fries or donuts. So you are not alone on that one. Keep up the good work!


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