Looks can be deceiving

I’m pretty sure my body is deceiving me. After I had lost my first 20 pounds my stomach looked smaller than my chest and that made me feel AMAZING! Now all of a sudden when I look in the mirror my chest looks smaller than my stomach. When I saw this I felt so upset but I remembered I weighed myself on Friday and I was down 1 more pound.  The weight has come off more slowly now because of some unforeseen circumstances but it’s still been coming off. This whole thing must be an optical illusion. Maybe my chest is shrinking and it just appears that my stomach is bigger. Maybe my weight is shifting. I don’t know but I know my stomach can’t be getting bigger and here’s why…. I’ve debated for days about whether I should share this or not and I guess I am. This may be gross to some of you but I’m determined to keep this real and honest so maybe someday I can make someone going through similar things feel like they aren’t alone.


**Please stop reading now if you’re going to be judgmental**



So the reason I believe my stomach can’t be getting bigger again is because when I run I don’t hear an awful slapping noise anymore. It used to be that when I ran my stomach would bounce and hit other areas of my body and make this super embarrassing slapping noise. Which made me avoid running at all costs but the last few times I’ve run I haven’t heard the noise (FYI this is crazy exciting for me!). The final reason I must be out of my mind is because my clothes are still fitting loosely. They would be tight again if I was gaining weight back right?

Obviously I’m loosing my mind over this. It’s simply that I have come so far and I don’t want to back slide. Even though I know I’m not gaining weight back and I’m still on the right path, things like this can really mess with a person’s mind and make them question themselves. Although my brain is in a tail spin I’m going to keep trudging on, do my best, and hope I continue to see results.


Image retrieved on August 30, 2014 from http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/p/keep-calm-and-never-give-up-your-dreams-2/


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