No soda

Tomorrow is the day! The day I quit drinking soda. When I started this journey I was drinking 3+ sodas a day. Immediately I cut back to one and have maintained that this whole time. The problem is that the more weight I lose the smaller my calorie intake is. One can of coke is 140 calories which is a fair chunk of my 1670 allotted calories per day. I have had a hard time staying within my calories lately due to Classes starting, work, and basically just me. I obviously have a problem with food or I wouldn’t be overweight.

The problem with quitting soda is that I LOVE it! The bubbles help wake me up in the morning because it tastes so crisp. Also I get severe migraines when I don’t get caffeine. I’m going to drink my herbalife tea in the morning to give me energy. I take a multivitamin that has caffeine so I hope that is enough to ward off a migraine. Wish me luck cause this could be the hardest thing for me yet. Oh yeah and wish whomever may come in contact with me tomorrow luck as well because they are going to need it.


2 thoughts on “No soda

  1. I know what you mean about the carbonation 🙂 Have you tried Zevia? It could help to curb your initial withdrawls. Or you could drink it daily and it’s still guilt-free! It’s zero calories and unlike other diet sodas, it doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners because it’s made with stevia. I’ve seen it at Festival.


    1. Never heard of Zevia but I’m going to look for it! Thanks for the suggestion Mariah. I’ve overcome the morning soda craving, now I just have one every now and then if I’m somewhere and dying of thirst and there is no water.


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