Is exercise addicting?

I feel like exercise is addicting. If I go a day without a good sweat session I CRAVE it! Today for example, I feel like I’m going through withdrawals because it has been 2 days without a work out. Is exercise really addicting? According to a CNN article published in April, 2014, Exercise can be addicting but only to a select few. The people who are in extreme pain and continue to push through their workouts and over time keep craving a more intense workout (CNN, 2014). Intense work outs produce endorphins that can cause a “high” that makes people crave exercise. You can read the full article here. I guess I’m okay with craving exercise. It means that I will keep up this new lifestyle because my body is telling me it wants me to be healthy. Maybe I will exercise while sitting in my desk at work today just so I stop feeling so anxious about this. After all I am wearing my exercise shoes today!



Cassity, J. (2013). CNN Health. Retrieved from



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