In the Begining…..

So I suppose that I should start this blog off with a little bit of an introduction huh? First let me say that I am not by any means healthy. This whole blog is to chronicle my adventures while completely turning my whole life around. I’m very sure that you’re wondering what happened to make me want to change my life style so here it is……

On June 1st, 2014 I had to step onto the dreaded scale at the doctor’s office. When I stepped on the scale I watched it climb up and up past my normal 345 and right onto 360 pounds! I have never weighed that much in my life even though I have always been the “Chubby girl with a pretty face”. Later that evening after examining myself in the mirror I realized that my stomach was leaning more in one direction than the other; heavier with fat on my right side. My thighs seemed to fill the legs of my pants that once were way too big. I stared at myself in the mirror and realized my reflection Didn’t reflect the person I wanted to be. I wanted to be an active person that enjoyed doing physical things and not dread the pain they would bring me. Most of all I wanted to do anything I desired without being self-conscious. That’s the night I decided to start this journey. My husband brought home a Reese’s Big cup (my favorite candy) for dessert and it was the first I ever turned down in my life. I told him “I weigh the most I have ever weighed in my whole life and that is NOT ok”.

I am now down to 328 lbs and still working on this crazy journey. I have made the progress I have by simply eating better and moving more. Maybe some of the things I experience will help you or you may think I am crazy, Either way I promise to be nothing other than myself.


One thought on “In the Begining…..

  1. I am very impressed. You made your mind up and you are doing something about it. You look great. Keep it up girl! Don’t let anyone discourage u! Keep moving! I love you and will pray for you to continue in the right direction, for the strenghth and will power that it takes. Hopefully, I will follow! Hugs! Cara


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